“The last holocaust survivor passed away”
That would be the headline all over the newspapers one day, in the next decade.
There will not be any people of testimony, the journeys to Poland will dwindle and our connection, as Jews, to the Holocaust our families had been through, will dissipate.
What should we do? How do we make sure that the memory will not fade away?

A group of young people, third-generation Holocaust survivors, started a project, creating the first Israeli-civilian fast during the holocaust day, a Fast to Remember.
This is NOT a religious fast, this fast belongs to the people, to all of us.
Together we can ensure the remembrance of the Holocaust, even after the last survivor will passed away. We will continue to remember and never forget what happened and should never repeat itself ever again.

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New initiative to commemorate Holocaust through fasting. Holocaust survivors in Israel also expressed support for the initiative.
Over 1000 people declared they would fast during Yom HaShoah in 2019. How many will take part in the initiative this year?

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